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Program One

5 exercises. 3 times a week. For 8 weeks. 

Do Each Exercise

10 times x 3. 
Rest for 2 minutes after each 10.
3 times each week.

Do this on the leg that’s the most painful when you start the program. If you have time, do the exercises on both legs.

Make sure the exercises suit your strength and ability. Follow the ‘Tailor Each Exercise‘  steps.

Use the Program One logbook to record your exercise.

Tailor Each Exercise

Week 1: Do each exercise with no ankle weight.

Week 2 – 8: Tailor each exercise to your strength and ability.
To get stronger each exercise should feel hard.
Follow the instructions:

How to increase the exercise challenge
When not to increase the exercise challenge

Some exercises are harder than others.
The challenge will increase for each exercise at different times.

How to increase the exercise challenge

  • Use the How hard am I working? table to identify how challenging each exercise feels. To view the table click here.

  • In Program One aim for each exercise to feel HARD.
    This should feel like 5-6 out of 10 (if 10 is as hard as it could possibly feel).
    You should feel like you’re pushing yourself a bit.

  • If an exercise feels easier make it harder.
    Each exercise has instructions of how to increase the challenge.

When not to increase the exercise challenge

  • If it’s hard to perform with good technique
    (good technique = slow and keeping your balance).

  • You’re already exercising HARD (an effort of 5-6 out of 10)

  • You have increased knee pain and swelling lasting more than one day after the exercise.

If you experience increased pain

go to My Knee Education: Managing Exercise Pain.

To read how to do an exercise click each  icon 
To watch the exercise video click each  icon

Exercise 1: Knee Extension

Sit in a firm chair with your back and thighs supported.
Rest both feet flat on the floor.

Slowly raise your heel to straighten your knee.
Keep your thigh on the chair.
Hold for 5 seconds.
Slowly bend your knee. Lower your foot back to the floor.

“Slowly up, hold, 2, 3, 4, 5, slowly down”

Keep your thigh resting on the chair the whole time.

Add an ankle weight. Increase 1 kg at a time.

Exercise 2: Chair Stand and Sit

Sit in a stable chair.
The chair should be normal height with a firm seat.
Place the chair back against a wall for support.

Move forward in the chair so your knees are over your toes.
Lean forward. Bring your nose over your toes.
Then stand up straight.
Slowly sit back down.

“Slowly stand, pause, slowly sit”

Keep your knees in line with your toes.
Don’t let your knees move inward.
If you feel safe, don’t use your hands.

1: Split leg position: Move your exercising leg slightly closer to the chair. Move your non-exercising leg slightly further away   from the chair. Take more weight through your exercising leg (the one closest to the chair).

2: Hold weights while standing. Add 1 kg at a time

Exercise 3: Standing Side Leg

Hold on to the back of a chair or a wall for support.
Stand up tall.

Keep your knee straight. Lift your leg out to the side. Lead with the heel.
Hold for 5 seconds.
Move your leg back towards the other leg.

Slowly out, hold, 2, 3, 4, 5, slowly in

Stand upright. Keep your body still.
Don’t twist your hips. Don’t lean your body to the side.
Keep your knee and toes pointing forward. Keep your heel slightly behind you.

Use an elastic exercise band (if you have one). Place it around your ankles.

Exercise 4: Hamstring Curl

Stand. Lean forward on forearms over a table or high bench.

Slowly bend one knee moving your heel up toward your bottom.
Stop when your heel is in line with your knee.
Your knee should be at a 90angle.
Hold for 5 seconds.
Slowly lower your leg back to the floor.

Slowly bend up, hold, 2, 3, 4, 5, slowly down

Keep both knees close together.

Add an ankle weight. Add 1 kg at a time.

Exercise 5: Calf Raises

Hold on to the back of a chair or a wall for support.
Stand up tall.

Slowly rise onto toes, lifting your heels.
Hold for 5 seconds.
Slowly return your heels to the ground.
Slowly up, hold, 2, 3, 4, 5, slowly down

Stand straight. Keep your body still.
Try not to sway forwards or backwards.
Don’t lean to the side.

  1. Stand on one leg. Do a single leg calf raise.
  2. Add an ankle weight. Add 1 kg at a time.