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The My Exercise Messages app supports My Knee Exercise

We all know it’s tough sticking to a regular exercise program. So, to help with your My Knee Strength exercise we’ve developed an exercise support app called My Exercise Messages

What is the exercise messages app: My Exercise Messages is a free and easy to use app designed to support people with osteoarthritis (chronic lower limb joint pain) stick to regular exercise. It can be used with your My Knee Strength exercises or any exercise program prescribed by a health professional. Simply download the app from an app store, allow notifications, and input your weekly exercise goal. The app will prompt you to log your exercise sessions each week so you can monitor your progress against your goal, over-time. You’ll receive tailored messages based on behaviour change theory and university-led research. These messages will help motivate you and will support you if you encounter challenges getting your weekly exercises done.

Who created my exercise messages: My Exercise Messages was designed by research physiotherapists at the Centre for Health, Exercise and Sports Medicine (CHESM), The University of Melbourne. Our research shows tailored messages based on behaviour change theory help people with osteoarthritis stick to their exercise program. This app was developed by the Melbourne eResearch Group within the School of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne.

How to access the app: Simply download the app from the app store onto your mobile phone or tablet. Click on the app store link below that is compatible with your device for more directions of how to download the app.